Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Landed UK safely.

Well, It's already 12am. So so lazy to do any updating lately, while the people around was really so enthusiasm in doing this, even make it as a diary. Salutes and respects.

Well, let pictures tell u everything. Every picture has a story behind. Is time to use your common sense, the sixth sense, or what ever senses you have to understand it and enjoy it. LOL, by the way... all photos are already uploaded in facebook.

That's the view along the way to my University. Welcome to sheffield~

My bedroom.

Trust me. It's so comfortable when u lie on it.

All right.... not in the right mood of blogging. More and more coming.....
Tiredness overwhelmed me thoroughly, psychically and mentally exhausted... I just need some sleep.

Ps: Guys, sorry for late reply in msn or facebook lately. I'm just dog-tired and lack of time. If u are the one who I reply you late or something like that... I guess you will understand me right? Love u guys much.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last night in msia.

Well, I just finished all the packing and checking my stuff. Should be okay gua. I guess so, and pray so. All right, it wont be a long post as I wish to. I would like to thanks those who calling me, smses me, sending their regards to me. Thanks, i received every single love from u guys and girls.

Sandy - Ai yao Tang Dang Dang.
Sandy, I really wish to chat with you, in msn, fb or whatever ways. I just literally addicted to you. LOL

Sandy - Zi You
Sandy, you rock on!!!!!!!

Sandy- zombie
Sandy just heated the night!!

All right.
I miss my family, you guys here, miss Mbs, miss all the chicks around, miss SANDY!!!! u know, if sandy could leave a comment here or something like that. I will just insane. (Little wish from a fans). LOL......

Cheers on.... for our future, for heineken, for malao band!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's hardly to be explained if I still slacking here without updating my own farewell post. No reason for skipping it right? Or else kena bombard again. LOL..

All right, June 6th, what a night it was, utterly sensational~ I really enjoy the night thoroughly, none a second I spent in vain. I purposely set it, I mean my farewell with Mbs on June 6th, don't you all get the meaning of it? First, is the time issue, all members just damn suit and okay for this day. Second, June 6th in chinese is something like 'Liu Liu Da Shun', I just had a simple wish, wished all my lovely MBs just as smooth as they could be in their life and achieve something big.

I received a original Converse shoe from them. It's really tickled me pink. I'm a just pure shoes lovers, what a great surprise you guys gave me! Thanks...

Guess what. The climax part of the night was simply because of the rock band there. They really rock on!!! But, my little rocker(sandy) was even sensational. I was literally addicted to her perfoming style, she just simply too good, awesome! Moreover, when she's singing on the stage, my heart racing. My nerd glasses flashed momentarily in the pub's lights, seeing her on the stage; when she looked at me and waved her hands, I was literally highed till the seventh heaven.

During her breaktime, she just appeared in front of me and chatted with me. OMG....what a moment! I had a whale of time. She is so so so friendly. Guys, please don't hold agaisnt me. I really love her so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL..... sandy sandy sandy sandy.... I'm her little fans! Rocker......
Apparently, the whole band was chatted and entertained with us, but my mind only sandy.. What a lingering moment. She is sweeeet!!

The band was remarkable. Good music good singer good played by them. I was inundated by the music, the cheers, the peoples, and sandy's lovely smile. It's just like search for a needle in haystack, she just the girl to be long found. Was it a bit exaggerating huh? No opinion, but she's my angel now! Thinking of 4 months no longer able seeing her, a sudden surge of fear appears in my heart. I miss you, i wanna chat with u.....................

All right. Besides that, let pictures tell you everything as picture speaks thousand of words right?

She is the girl I keep mentioned above. Argh, she's so sweet, cute, rock and roll star. I love you sandy!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so hard for a guy who just went for coconut head haircut still can get a sweeeet babe took photo with him. This guy's really a kick ass lar! LOL

That's rocker sister. LOL.... Don't you guys noticed, she resemble kathy koh?

Me and virus. Keyboardist of nightcatz band. She is rock!!

Malao Band, beers, cards, chicks.... malaoz forever!

I aint posing okay. I'm really a pool king. LOLssss

All right, is time to stop (0140 now) ... good night all~
I miss Sandy.......... countdown 2 days. Gonna fly soon. God bless......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm back, once again? LOL

All right, thanks for keep on bombarding me for not being updating all this while. Hell yeah, as I said, you guys are apples in my eye. I knew how you guys felt, kept seeing the damn old post everytime get into this site. What on earth is going on to him??? So busy ??? Come on... how busy you could be when you still a college student(Opps, I'm University's now!!). LOL, I'm sorry~ Owen is on form now!!! Come on baros, show me your golden boot~
Well, update my current life here.

Something really tickled me pink lately. Okay, I'm going to UK for my degree top up programme! 4 years of waiting just for this very moment. Recalled back, when I was still struggling whether Utar or ktar, AFA or AAC, two years just passed in a glance~ At last, I love and never regret with my decision two years back! It sends me to europe!! Adversities are stepping stone in life, never succumb to ill-fate, create your own chapter of life, you wont spend your life in vain.
By the way, just drop me a list what you guys want~ Current list, popo's liverpool kit, king yen's aston villa, lip's man utd or england jersey, jian wei's arsenal kit, tong's pencil, leann's chocolates...and so on. LOL.. bank in the pounds to my account!

Apart from studies, it would be my life then.

Some says love is complicated, so do I,
A handsomely reward was given by GOD, to meet you,
Brought me loads of joys and sweets, marvel,
Reading glasses flashed momentarily in the light,
I realised you stand head and shoulders above the rest,
No one could understands how I feel,
All of a sudden, I am just in love. A single-sided love though.

Written by: Nicholas Lim, layman~
I'll seize every single opportunity once GOD give me the shots. I'll utterly destroyed and suffered if I live myself with regret once again. Come on... LOL~

All right, I'm so addicted to facebook lately. Latest news of mine, could be get it there. Tomorrow gonna be MB's jb one day trip. The rewards for the driver is awesome!! 5 dvd disk and fen yuan bing... OMG!!! I love mbss....

Nite guys. Loves and cuddles....

Flying high, thats Mbs. You cant beat us down!
Nice took yen, you should buy yourself a G10 ~ come on!